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Preparing Your Commercial Property for Winter:

Tips to protect and ensure longevity of the building
As winter approaches, property owners, facility managers and building maintenance supervisors should take precautionary steps to ensure their buildings are prepared for whatever weather conditions Mother Nature may bring.
RCI, Inc., the leading international association of professional consultants, architects, and engineers who specialize in the specification and design [...]


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9/11 Memorial – A Look Inside

The National September 11 Memorial is a beacon of human compassion and a place of remembrance for those touched by the tragic events that occurred in lower Manhattan more than a decade ago.
Copper tubing at the 9/11 Memorial.
Photo credit: Ronaldo Vega
High-resolution version of this photo.
In the footprints of where the twin towers once stood sit [...]


RSSDiscover Copper

Copper: An Indispensible Ingredient for Wind Energy

Of all the various alternatives to fossil fuels such as ethanol, hydropower, and solar thermal energy, wind energy may have the longest history. People began to harness wind power for grinding grain and pumping water as early as the third century B.C. With today’s high demand for low-carbon electricity, wind energy has found a new [...]


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Tricks to Having a Treat-Filled Halloween

With Halloween upon us, many parents are thinking about how to keep their children safe. And while precautions like staying on sidewalks, carrying a flashlight and sticking to familiar neighborhoods are important, parents and caregivers should also be concerned with potential hazards inside the home.


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Salad: The New Daily Vitamin

Dietary supplements and multi-vitamins are big business today, claiming to provide your daily value of essential vitamins and other helpful supplements, such as fiber and herbs in one dose. Wander the aisles of any drug store and you’ll see numerous supplements in the form of pills, capsules, powders, gel tabs, extracts, or liquids. You can even find them added to drinks or energy bars.



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